After days…

Surya Sen
Sep 2, 2021

I am writing in Medium after many days. I didn’t write anything for many days.

On 24th July 2021 was my birthday, when I got my worst gift in my life, it was, my Instagram account got hacked from Sao Paulo, Brazil.

I was confused, and I was like

What the hell is going on!?
Wut da hll is going on?

The hacker was doing the promotion of Elon Musk! The Hecker wrote-

WOW! Elon really cool person

After that Cyber Attack, I decided to close everything.

But I didn’t ಥ_ಥ. After my exams ended, which was at 31st of August, I reopened all. And then used more complicate passwords and Two Step Verification. As I had to open a website, I did it.

Now I am safe and I hope that I don’t face anymore cyber attacks.

Thanks for reading. Goodbye!



Surya Sen

I am Surya Sen. I live with equality and I want to erase discrimination from the world. I hate discriminators. Make the world a better place for every human.